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Thomas Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

Thomas vacuum and carpet cleaner -The Nr 1 in Germany

Washing, cleaning, wiping, vacuuming. for hygienic deep cleaning and stain removal. In order to have more time for the essential things in life, the unpleasant things need to be dealt with quickly and one needs a good helping hand. The THOMAS vacuum and carpet cleaner does not shy away from large tasks. When daily hoovering is not enough and when carpet surfaces and upholstery are in need of thorough attention, the vacuum and carpet cleaners come into their own. The detergent solution is powerfully sprayed into the textile fabric and is extracted together with the loosened dirt. Grease, dirt and odours are thoroughly removed and thanks to the powerful vacuum, a minimum of residual dampness remains.

THOMAS vacuum and carpet cleaners do not only clean carpets and upholstery, but also hard surfaces. Simply spray, wipe and vacuum and stone floors, tiles, linoleum and artificial surfaces are made clean again in a matter of seconds -without a bucket and a mop.



 Thomas BOXER Vacuum Carpet Cleaner
249,00 €*   » details


 Thomas BRAVO 20 Vacuum Carpet Cleaner
199,00 €*   » details

BRAVO 20 S Aquafilter 

 Thomas BRAVO 20 S Aquafilter Vacuum Carpet Cleaner
259,00 €*   » details


 Thomas SUPER 30 S Vacuum Carpet Cleaner
239,00 €*   » details

SUPER 30 S Aquafilter 

 Thomas SUPER 30 S Aquafilter Vacuum Carpet Cleaner
269,00 €*   » details

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