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Thomas Aqua Vacuum Cleaner

For the most part we all live in closed rooms in apartments of offices. This, in turn means that we are continuously surrounded by house dust so to speak. On average 5 milligrams of dust per square meter are to be found in an apartment. In everday life this dust contains microscopically minute traces of fibres, particles of plants, bacteria and textieles and, above all, animal hair. Mites are the carriers of allergens and, as a consequence the most freguent couses og allergies. They find their way to us through the air we breathe and make it difficult for us to breathe and are the cause of exe, nose and throat complaints and inflammation of the skin. However, the premium wash and dust vacuum cleaners from THOMAS make a considerable constribution to the alleviation of such complaints.

Anti Allergy AQUA+ 

 Thomas Anti Allergy AQUA+ Aqua Vacuum Cleaner
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Pet & Family AQUA+ 

 Thomas Pet & Family AQUA+ Aqua Vacuum Cleaner
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TWIN T2 Aqua Stealth 

 Thomas TWIN T2 Aqua Stealth Aqua Vacuum Cleaner
279,90 €*   » details

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